January and February 2019 Fishing Report

January and February 2019 Fishing Report

Greetings from the beautiful and remote waters of Drake Bay, Costa Rica on the Southern Pacific Coast.  January and February have been nothing short of amazing.  We have literally been fishing everyday for the last two months and our clients have been extremely happy!  While we have not been catching as many Mahi as we did in November and December, the ones we have been catching have been averaging about 30 pounds.  As the Mahi have thinned out a little, the Tuna have taken their place.  They are here in great numbers and much closer than they usually are.  It’s not unusual for our clients to catch so many they have had “enough”.  After a little water, rest and a boat ride, most clients recover enough to catch a Roosterfish on the way in for the day, and the Cubera Snapper bite has also been excellent to start the year.

As we get into March and April, the Pacific Sailfish move into our waters in great numbers.  In the last few trips, we have been catching and releasing 10+ fish per day.  These are not your “average” Sailfish.  It’s common to catch 100-125+ pound fish on 30 weight tackle and even spinning rods.  This is a very exciting fish to catch as anglers can often see the fish right behind the boat chasing the teasers before they grab a lure or ballyhoo.  Once hooked they jump straight up in the air and violently twist trying to shake the hook.  This is a beautiful sight and a heart pounding experience.  In order to minimize damage to this magnificent fish, our mates will release the fish in the water alongside the boat.  Clients should be ready for a quick picture prior to release.  For those clients who prefer to stay closer to shore, there are plenty of Snapper, Grouper, Pompano and Amberjack to catch within 45 minutes of your lodge in Drake Bay.

We have already booked many trips in 2020 so I would encourage you to make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

Until next time…Tight lines

Captain Willy Atencio