Update from Drake Bay

COVID-19 Update from Drake Bay

Greetings from our beautiful, little village of Drake Bay, Costa Rica.  I wish I had better news to report, but COVID-19 has hit the entire country of Costa Rica hard economically.  As a small village that relies very heavily on tourism, Drake Bay has been hit especially hard.  The virus has not made it to Drake Bay, but with the shutdown of the country to visitors from other countries, the village is completely “closed”.  With no tourists, the people of Drake Bay have no income.

In response to the immediate needs of people in Drake Bay, the owner and the Captain of Reel Escape and Reel Time have organized a fund raiser to help feed the families most in need during these difficult times.  We have already provided food boxes containing staples to 40 families in the village, including the elderly and children.  Next week we will deliver more boxes with food and supplies.  We believe the need will continue through the summer and perhaps into the fall if tourism does not make it’s way to Drake Bay before then.  If you would like to help, please “send money” through PayPal to  100% of your donation will go directly to the families in need.  Because we needed to react immediately to this crisis, we are not a recognized charitable organization.

I am please to report that Fish Drake Bay refunded 100% of the deposits we were holding for trips.  This was important to us to ensure our clients were taken care of and we look forward to their return.  Rest assured that Costa Rica is doing a great job handling this pandemic.  Unlike many other places in the world, social distancing and hygiene protocols started immediately.

We hope everyone remains healthy and safe.  We eagerly await your return to our beautiful beaches, jungle and ocean.