Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

We have collected some testimonials/reviews of Clients who have Fished with the Reel Escape or Reel Time over the last couple years and thought we would share:


April 9, 2018
Y’all rock. I have fished Costa Rica from Tamarindo to Golfito for the last 20 years. By far the best day I’ve had- Next time, I will bring my fly rod!


April 10, 2017
Dear people of Reel Escape, 

We had a great time. Of all these years fishing, it was my first time to catch a Roosterfish. We even caught 7 of them. Great Experience! Thank you Willy and Crew to make this possible. Great Day!

Fris, Jessica, Juliana, Jennifer, Jamie and Fernando from Miami

April 2017
A great time fishing! Unbelievably successful half day trip with Grouper, 35 lb Wahoo and a 70 lb roosterfish. Great Captain Willy and Mates, Wilfred and Ever. 

Ricardo and Sharon Jimenez
North Port, Florida

March 22, 2017
Wow- great team, great fun! Ive fished all over the world and this is as good as it gets! 5 Stars!

Thank you, 
The Robbins Family, CLT

March 23, 2017
AWESOME day! This was a fabulous team and great fishing- tuna, snapper, roosterfish and bonita. Fun snorkeling too! I would highly recommend to anyone. 

P.S. Special thank you to Gabby for teaching my daughter Maya how to snorkel! 

Thank you, 
Bala Family 

March 24, 2017
Great day on the water fishing with the family. Sorry for the Bad handwriting but my hands and fore arms are shot from all the big fish we caught! Great boat, team and captain. Would repeat again, any day! 

Julkowski Family

December 14, 2016
Thank you Willy, Ever, and Ezekal. Great day, hooked 4 roster fish, landed 3 (7). Lots of snapper, triple tails and bonitas (16). What a great team. Thanks for making Costa Rica an amazing trip. See you for tomorrows trip. 

Nigel, David and Lisa

December 15, 2016
ANOTHER AWESOME DAY ON THE REEL ESCAPE! Catching Roosterfish is SO MICH FUN! and hard work. Thanks fo much Captain Willy, Ezekiel and Ever for making it happen! You guys rock! Super professional and great fishermen. Best of luck in the future to all of you and we hope to see you again in the future. 

Nigel, David and Lisa

December 30, 2016
Day 2 with the Reel Escape and Another great day on the water. Caught a grouper and snapper- will make for great dinner. Willy and crew were amazing again! Thank you for putting us on to some edible fish. 

Hanes Dunn (DC) and Gibbs McEachran (GSO)

January 14, 2017
Great day of fishing! Can wait to eat the tuna and wahoo- the highlight was the 500 lb Black Marlin! You guys are wonderful. 

Dan and Judy Bellenger

‪July 5, 2016‬
Dear Captain and Crew-
Thanks for a remarkable day! 15 difference species of fish in 1 day including 5 Roosterfish! 

Willay and Kathy Cohart, Dwight and Jennifer Royal
‪Tampa, Florida‬