September - November Fishing Report

Fishing Report September-November

Greetings from the remote and beautiful waters of Drake Bay on the Southern Pacific Coast.  As we move more into the rainy or “Green” season expect the fishing to remain strong but the showers to be more prevalent.  Unfortunately, this is typically a time when not many tourists visit Drake Bay.  This is a shame because not only are the Snook, Snapper and Tuna biting but clients on board our boats are treated to a whale show.

The magnificent Humpback Whale migration is something you don’t want to miss.  If you have ever been scuba diving while the whales are here, it’s truly magical to hear their cries as these highly intelligent animals communicate with each other.  

For those of you who have fished with us in the past, you know we are passionate about keeping immaculate boats and gear.  We are not a tour or booking agency, we are owner/operators focused solely on the safety and satisfaction of our customers.  This is why we remain the #1 tour on Trip Advisor for Drake Bay.  As far as the fishing goes, we are catching lots of Roosterfish inshore, big Cubera Snapper near shore and big Tuna on poppers offshore.  I encourage you to email us and book your trip for December-April as soon as possible.  Last year we fished virtually every day in the high season.  

Until Next Time, Tight Lines…

Captain Willy Atencio.